KS-2 Softbox makes the light softer and brighter
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Lighting accessories

KS-2 Softbox 30x40 with Grid for K8000/Z800 and 2x1 LED Panels

Intensifier for more brightness
The KS-2 is not only a softbox but the reflective material inside of it also intensifies the brightness of the light you use it on up to 35%, while still maintaining a soft and even beam of light.
Quick and easy setup
No complicated assembly, just pop-up the KS-2 and attach it to your light with two reliable velcro straps.
Universal size
The KS-2 can be adjusted to perfectly fit a variety of 2x1 panels of different manufacturers.
Two diffusion stages
With the two diffusion stages, the balance between softness and light output can be adjusted on the fly.
Grid for directional control
The KS-2 includes a grid for directional control that attaches easily to the velcro strip inside the leading edge of the softbox.

Package Contents 
(1) x KS-2 Softbox 30x40 
(1) x Intensifier with Grid

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