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  1. 1 KS-1 Soft Box & Intensifier with front diffusor installed

    KS-1 Soft Box 50x50 with Grid for K4000 SE/Z400 and 1x1 Panels

    Softbox with grid for K4000(S) + Z400(S)
    €69.90+ btw
  2. 2 NP-F550 NP-F 550 NPF550 battery


    Lithium Battery
    €19.90+ btw
  3. 3 Milk Diffusion Filter for R300

    Milk Diffusion Filter for R300

    Diffusion Filter
    €19.90+ btw

Lumic Series

Combining quality and affordability, products like the K4000 LED panel and the R300 LED ring light quickly garnered a strong reputation among filmmakers. Providing more features and versatility than the competition on the market, the Lumic Series is used for the most demanding situations in film, video, and photography.

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  1. R720 Lumic Ring Light

    R720 Lumic Daylight LED Ring Light

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    Daylight Ring Light Learn More
  2. R720S Lumic Ring Light

    R720S Lumic Bi-Color LED Ring Light

    4 in stock


    Bi-Color Ring Light Learn More

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